Fun outside – Sunday 21st November 2021

Fun outside

Aristotle and I had so much fun outside yesterday afternoon. We had an apple eat as much as we liked buffet, which is a great starting point. Mum identified that the foxes have been eating our apples, but I don’t really mind that. We could see all their teeth marks in the ones they had only eaten part of. Dad was all for getting rid of all the ones that have fallen and can’t be used, but thankfully Mum saw things differently. She has persuaded him that it’s ok to pile them all up where they won’t do any harm and we can still help ourselves.

Mini panic

Mum had a mini panic when she found a weed that is highly toxic to both humans and dogs. She and Dad sent us indoors while they executed a military operation to get rid of it. Mum was going to grow herbs where she found it, but she’s going to do some research first to see what will be safe and whether she needs to treat the ground somehow first. I wasn’t going to nibble that one, so she may be over-reacting, but I guess you can never be too careful.

Coffee with Dad

Our humans did have a break for coffee and I had a lovely cuddle with Dad while he was sitting down. We are now spoilt for choice on places to sit, which is lovely. Mind you, when Mum went to repair the main garden table and chairs she did hit a small problem. Two chairs seem to have legs which have rotted slightly and which are now shorter than their other legs. Dad says he can cut them all to the same height, but then the chairs will be a bit low. This could end up being quite funny so I shall watch it with interest.