Measure for Measure – Monday 22nd November 2021

Measure for Measure

Ok, so there is no real link to Measure for Measure. It’s just that living so close to Stratford is getting to me. As far as I know Shakespeare didn’t write anything about curtain poles and that’s what my humans kept measuring yesterday. You would not believe how many times Mum can mange the same thing before having confidence in the answer. You see the curtain poles come in standard lengths but the windows don’t. Well, I suppose the windows do come in standard lengths but they aren’t the same ones as the curtain poles.

Cutting is Dad’s department so Mum wanted to be certain she gave him the right measurements for each one. Just to confuse her, some of the poles are two shorter ones which join together to make a bigger one. That means both need the same amount taking off, but only half of the total reduction. Ha, now you can see why she was getting confused.

Chomping away

While this was going on, and for that matter while the grass cutting, window cleaning and raking were going on – we were eating apples. Even Shadow is getting in on the act. In fairness, that has gone a little bit wrong. The result was Mum getting out the carpet cleaner at two-thirty in the morning. Mum has asked Shadow if she would very kindly STOP eating apples with us.

Ari was in a really funny mood yesterday. Mum was thoroughly fed up with him as he barked so much and didn’t even know why he was barking. By the end of the day Mum was threatening to rehome him, but I know she didn’t mean it. She loves him really, but he does have days where he can be a very annoying dog.