Watching a film together – Monday 27th December 2021

Watching a film together

We spent yesterday afternoon watching a film together, all of us, including Dad. It mean Dad watching it by Zoom link, but at least we were all together to do it. It can get a bit difficult with the time lag of the technology but it’s the thought that counts. Dad said it really did feel a very odd way to spend his birthday. That must be true for many people at the moment. At least he’ll be home soon. If all goes to plan he will finally get home on Friday and we’re all going to be very pleased to see him.

More decorating

Mum spent some more time decorating too. I think she might be better to spend all day and get a room finished. It seems painful watching her doing a little bit at a time. She is making progress and is already thinking about which room she’s doing next. She’s got a whole house to choose from so there is plenty of scope. It was going to be our office, but that’s all more complicated as there are jobs she needs people to come into the house to do and she doesn’t want to do that at the moment. She says it will be the kitchen but that’s going to take a lot of work too.

Fed up with the weather

We’re all fed up with the weather. Mum wants to get on with some of the gardening but she just can’t quite face it at the moment. I want her to finish sorting out the fencing as she’s said that until she has she wants to keep an eye on me. I don’t mind too much, but I do like a bit of freedom for a good sniff. That’s the problem though. That good sniff leads me to want to follow the wildlife scents and if they have burrowed out of the garden I feel the need to see if I can follow.



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