Happy Birthday Dad – Sunday 26th December 2021

Happy Birthday Dad

I need to start by saying ‘Happy birthday Dad’. It feels very strange to be apart from him again on his birthday this year. At least last year we had enough advance notice to be able to send him cards and presents to open. This year we couldn’t do that and it feels as though we’ve been very mean. His cards and presents are here waiting for him to come home. Mum didn’t open any of her Christmas presents yesterday either as she said it was fairer to wait until Dad comes home next week and they can open them together. It really is proving a very odd time for us all.

Christmas challenge

Whilst most people were busy eating and drinking yesterday, Mum set herself a Christmas challenge. She needed to take the roller blinds in the bay window of the bedroom down, fill in the holes they left, sand the filler and paint three coats of paint. Then she needed to fit the new curtain pole and hang the curtains before it was time to go to bed. Not everyone’s idea of how to spend Christmas, but since when has our house been normal? With each stage she needed a couple of hours gap for the last stage to dry before she could do the next step. She started at 7.30am after we’d had breakfast. The new curtain pole went up twelve hours later.

Today’s plan

Today is more of the same – unless the weather improves. If it’s dry we’re gardening, but otherwise it’s more of the bedroom decorating. At least today she’s painting a ceiling so we won’t get it on our coats. Mind you, you should see how much she got on her clothes yesterday. It was a good job she hadn’t dressed up for Christmas!




  1. Hi Wilma, please would you send some birthday wishes to your Dad from me. I still remember him from when I was a puppy and living with Shadow. I think I will be having a quiet day today. The weather is wet yet again. I will of course put in a request for a walk this afternoon even if it is only a short one. Love to you all Dickens XXXX

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