Finding the culprit – Monday 10th January 2022

Finding the culprit

I’ve been tasked with finding the culprit. The problem is that my powers only extend to the boundaries of the garden. Someone has been coming in and damaging the trees. My job today is to show Mum where the scent leads to so that she can check the fencing. She’s not so much bothered about wildlife coming in, but yet again she’s concerned in case I can get out. She is also going to have to add some protection to our trees before we lost them all. We’re guessing it’s dear. I’ve told Mum we have a fox as a regular visitor but she already know that from the clearing up she has to do.

Another lovely day

Yesterday was another lovely day. We helped with Christmas dinner and then with the opening of the presents. Dad has an apple press for when he starts making cider. We were all trying to help him setting it up. At one point I really did have the after dinner feeling and was absolutely flaked out while Mum and Dad did boring things like opening their own presents. Mum has got practical things like a tool belt and a smock to protect her clothes when she’s gardening and decorating.


Mum took the decorations down after all the festivities were finished. The tree needed taking out before it dropped all its branches, never mind its needles. Thankfully she’d had the sense to put it in the garden room where it could go straight out through the doors rather than coming through the house. Even then there were pine needles everywhere. Now we just need to see which decoration has been missed. There’s always one and it can be months before we find it. It’s not the hat on the cuddly moose head or the santa that was sitting in the hall but it could be almost anything else. I’m also wondering how long the tree will stay on the patio.