Watching the storm – Saturday 19th February 2022

Watching the storm

We spent most of yesterday watching the storm. There wasn’t much else we could do. Mum wouldn’t let us spend much time outside in it and even made us go out into the front garden on leads at lunchtime. Every so often Mum went out to gather up whichever new piece of the house had fallen off. It wasn’t so much the house really, it was the guttering from the ticket off and the bird feeding station. Then there was one of the solar lights and the Christmas tree that we haven’t got rid of yet.

On the plus side, all the green fence covering that the lady with the sheep put in place so carefully is now disconnected. Obviously I’m sad about all the hard work she put in, but I can now wave to the sheep which is huge fun – or would be if Mum wasn’t being so strict.

Out of quarantine

With all the excitement we hardly noticed the more important event of the day. Mum allowed Dad to come out of quarantine. I only really realised in the evening when for the first time in ages we all sat down together in the lounge. Oh it felt good. Mum and I are both saying how much we miss all the special travelling times, just the two of us, without Shadow and Ari around. I love them dearly, but I am missing the close bond Mum and I have. I need to find some ways to get Mum to do some mother : daughter things – just the two of us. Even some special walks would be nice.

Today’s plan

Dad is disappointed as he thought he’d got some rugby matches to watch. We’re disappointed as we were planning to snuggle up with him while he watched them. It’s quite dangerous snuggling too close when he’s watching sport as he can get a bit animated. Anyway, we’re now in the process of renegotiating the day to see if there is something we all want to do.



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