A Proud Day – Friday 11th March 2022

Robyn Burnett and Sybil (photo by Lizz Alexander)

A Proud Day

Yesterday was a proud day. I wish we could have been at Crufts to see it all in person, but the result was just wonderful. Congratulations to my niece Sybil (Eroica vom Rickental) who took Best of Breed in the Working Group Import category. My sister Valeria must be thrilled with how well her daughter has done. Mum, Shadow and Aristotle were just as excited because Basil (Beethoven from Torfheide) won Best Dog in the category. Basil is of course one of Shadow’s puppies so that makes him Ari’s half-brother. He’s only a year younger than Ari so did very well considering his age. The runner up in the girls was Sybil’s daughter Polly (Skyeannroos Belle Padstow – my great-niece) which meant all in all it was a pretty special day and Mum was in tears.

Robyn Burnett and Sybil (photo by Lizz Alexander)

On television

Then Sybil was on television later in the day in, the Working Group final. She and her human did such an amazing job for our breed. As usual, it was a shame the presenter couldn’t pronounce our breed. You’d think they would learn how to do. They got it wrong in exactly the same way they did last time, so Mum wonders if they have it all written down incorrectly.

I hope that Sybil, Polly and Basil will be able to enjoy their amazing success. They all live together with the same humans which makes it all the more impressive. It would be like me Shadow and Ari winning – and that’s never going to happen!

Discover Dogs

Part of Crufts is the Discover Dogs section where you can meet all the different breeds up close. If you are looking for something to do from now until Sunday you can go along and say hello to representatives of over 200 breeds. If you do go, please pop along to the Entlebucher stand and say hello to my friends who are there. Tell them I’m waving a paw to them, even though I can’t be there.




  1. I’m going today Wilma. My brother’s Cairn terrier (Milo) is being shown by his breeder. Betsy is very upset she can’t go to cheer him on and has to go to kennels instead. I’ll try and say hello to any Entlebuchers that I see! Love Judi xx

  2. Great news! So pleased at the results especially for my brother Basil. Well done Robyn, Sybil and Polly too.
    Love from Dickens XXXX

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