Too exciting – Saturday 12th March 2022

Too exciting

This is just too exciting. Mum has said she can’t simply sit at home any longer. She wants to work out how we can go to Switzerland. Oh how I’ve longed for her to say this. It isn’t certain yet, but Mum is now beginning to think about all the things we need to do to make it work. She even found the courage to go to get new passport photographs yesterday. She found the whole thing very scary but she did it. What was funny was that when she then used the photograph it said she looked too much like the background – the background was white. She added a note to her application saying she couldn’t help being really pale and her hair having gone white. If they don’t like it she’s threatening to dye her hair purple for contrast.

Shadow and Ari

Obviously neither Shadow nor Ari are thrilled that we might go away without them. They are worried in case they need her while she’s away. They would go to stay at our old kennels so they’re somewhere familiar and where they’d be well looked after. If they weren’t well before our trip, Mum has promised that we will cancel. It is hard when our loved ones are old.

Delayed Mower

Mum has heard that our sit on mower is no closer to arriving than it was when she asked three weeks ago. She really isn’t happy. It means she is going to have to continue using the regular mower for a while yet and that’s easier said than done. I run up and down offering encouragement, but she says it needs a little more than that to get the job done. Secretly I’m quite pleased as it is going to mean much more time outdoors. Besides, I won’t be allowed out while she uses the sit on mower but with the regular one as long as I promise not to get in the way, I’m allowed to help.