Not doing her job – Sunday 27th March 2022

Not doing her job

I’m sorry to have to report that Mum is not doing her job properly. Yesterday was a case in point. Ok, so I might have been being over eager and trying to get my nose into my bowl before it reached the ground. However, if Mum then drops my bowl and my food goes all over the floor, I expect her to pick it up. That’s what normally happens. Then she leaves it all neat and tidy ready for me to eat. I do not expect to have to root around under the washing machine and behind the vacuum cleaner to find my tea. That was what I had to do yesterday. She revolted. Mum just stood there looking at me and I was looking at her – waiting for her to pick it all up. Then she said, “That was your fault Wilma, you sort it out.” I was speechless.

Against the clock

The biggest problem with that wasn’t eating off the floor – obviously I’m used to that. No, it was a race against the clock to find all the pieces before the others joined it. They, I might add, had the advantage of eating their own food from neatly stacked bowls. I’ve never had to eat so fast in my life. It was only a little at a time, but I had to go around the floor vacuuming up my tea and I wasn’t able to really enjoy it. It’s not on.

Otherwise life is good

Apart from the tea incident, which I really hope Mum has learnt from, it wasn’t a bad day. Mum started on the greenhouse repairs and we put the extra fencing in to stop Shadow going in the pond. As with every other dry day, Mum did a round of lawn mowing. She really is hoping the big lawn mower will come soon as although she doesn’t mind mowing, she really needs the time on other things.

I may have been told off for barking once or twice too. It was one of those days.



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