Workmen are like buses – Friday 13th May 2022

Workmen are like buses

It turns out workmen are like buses. You can’t get anyone to come for ages and then they all come at once. Just before you think I should have said ‘workpeople’ or ‘workpersons’ – in this instance they are all men. Today I’m looking forward to sniffing the electrician. He’s been before and we like him. I will also be sniffing the plumber – he’s been before but I didn’t meet him last time. Then on Monday a lovely man is coming to fit some doors to the bathrooms. That’s not something a dog needs but humans can be funny about it and not one of three bathrooms in the house has a door. Share and share alike, that’s what I say, but Mum sees it a little differently.

All we need now

All we need now is the man who is due to come and do the gates to turn up as well and you can be sure we dogs will be spending all day barking. To be fair, Shadow will be the biggest problem. There will be times they are coming and going and Mum will want us out of the way in case the front door is open. Ari and I don’t mind at all. Shadow has long since said she doesn’t want to go into a crate anymore, unless the door is open and it’s her choice. She has also said she wants to stay right by Mum’s side at all times. I just know she’s going to spend the day howling when she can’t have her own way.

Unexciting gardening

Yesterday Mum was doing unexciting gardening. It didn’t matter how much Ari wanted help replanting some of his herbs, Mum had decided to weed the patio. There aren’t many people who can get so excited about a new special knife for weeding a patio, but it turns out that Mum can. Mind you, that’s nothing compared with her glee at the weeder that gets deep roots out. She’s easily pleased.