Happy Easter – Sunday 9th April 2023

Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to you all. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I hope it will be a very special time for you. Ours will be a quiet Easter at home because of my eye. I do wish we could go out and have a good walk, but I have to be patient.

The potatoes are in

The potatoes are in and Aristotle is happy. He persuaded Mum and Dad to work with him in the garden yesterday. Mum helped him sow lots of wild flower seeds and Dad worked with him to plant lots of his seed potatoes. If they all grow then Dad is going to have to eat an awful lot of potato. It does of course depend on him remembering to water them, which isn’t always his strong point. Now Ari is nagging Mum to get on with the other vegetable planting they need to do, especially getting his squash plants going. I did ask him how his parsnips are doing, but I got a grumpy reply as for the first time ever they really aren’t looking as though they are coming through at all.

Never Ending

It wouldn’t be so bad if the work Ari needed help with ever came to an end. I caught him with Mum’s credit card again. He was ordering two cherry trees and another elderberry. I told him he just get on top of all his current planting before adding anymore to it, but I don’t think he was listening. To give him his due, the front garden does have much more colour this year with all the flowers he added last year. I just wish I wasn’t having to stay out of the way at the moment because of my eye. I really have had enough of this.