Best Jubilee Picture – Wednesday 8th June 2022

Best Jubilee Picture

The best jubilee picture we’ve all seen is a wonderful one by a Yorkshire artist called Eleanor Tomlinson. We’ve seen it quite a lot, but sadly without the artists details. I thought it would be nice for those of you who want to buy a copy or see more of the artist’s work, to see details of her website which is HERE

Obviously we like the Corgi best, but the humans are just as keen on Paddington and Her Majesty.


Ari has decided to risk planting out his sunflowers. Only 5 germinated out of about 40 that he planted. Then he was heavy pawed with one of them when he moved it to a bigger pot, so he’s down to 4. At this stage his biggest risk is that slugs come along and eat them, but he’s heard that if you put coffee grounds around the plants it can stop that. Mum drinks enough coffee, so we may as well make use of the grounds. Mum found some canes for him to put alongside to support them. Now we have to wait to see what happens. I’m waiting to have my photo taken with them, but Ari says he should be first.

Taking it easy

We might be working dogs, but we all know the importance of not getting too hot when the weather is warm. With a black fur coat it’s good to stay in the shade when it’s warm. We were able to watch Mum working just as easily from there as we could have done in the sunshine. She was busy filling the misshapen compost bin with all the grass that had been piling up. None of us fancied helping with that particular task. I’d found some fox poo to roll in and then lie in, and the others were just putting their paws up.