The Apples are Back – Thursday 8th June 2022

The apples are back

I’m a happy dog, the apples are back. I’m also a dog with a slight tummy ache as they aren’t really ready for eating. Ari has the same problem. At the moment they are only tiny apples but are growing every day. Mum did warn us both that they wouldn’t taste very nice yet. Not helped by it being a cooking apple tree that we have made a start on. The wonderful thought is that over the next few months they will just get better and better and some will fall off the trees into our paws at regular intervals. It is particularly good news as Mum has cleared up what was left of the manure so that we can’t eat that anymore.

In trouble

Ari is in trouble with Dad as he’s been eating the straw mulch as well. Mum insisted that straw mulch was the most pet friendly so they bought a pallet load of it. The good news is that it is not only dog friendly, but feels lovely underpaw to play in and tastes nice as well. It gives us extra roughage, which also means more clearing up for Mum. Dad keeps going round to rake over our pawprints. I think he’s going to have a full time job keeping up with Aristotle.

Shadow’s scan

Shadow is off for her heart scan this afternoon. She’s fed up as it means she can’t have lunch. She had a funny tummy for a day or two and was ready to make up for it today so is especially annoyed about the delay in eating. I’ll let you know tomorrow how she gets on.

In the meantime today is a planting day. Mum and Dad have to finish planting the plants they bought in the garden centre before Dad goes away again on Monday. He will only be away for two weeks, but Mum is hoping everything will be in before he goes. I have my doubts.




  1. Hello Wilma, we are thinking of you all and please wish Shadow the best of luck with her trip to the Vets for her scan. Love Sheila and Mark XX

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