Mama Susi – Tuesday 7th June 2022

Mama Susi

My Mama Susi was fourteen years old yesterday. Happy birthday Mama. Oh how I wish I could have been spending your special day with you. She is in good health and still enjoys playing with my sister, Valeria. Here is a lovely video of the two them playing with a very big stick. It looks as though they are having so much fun. Valeria hates me trying to get involved when they are playing like that, so it’s probably best I wasn’t there. We’d only have argued, you know what sisters can be like.

The compost bin

Now, this is a story you are going to find hard to believe. The compost bin came with wooden pieces and some screws. Apparently that was all that was required, just add a human with a drill and a screwdriver and it would be sorted. Well, maybe if it had been a different human. Although the picture shows Dad, please don’t be fooled. My humans are equally responsible for this one.


The posts needed to be hammered into the ground. Mum didn’t think she could possibly drive 3 inch wood posts into solid mud, so she bought some metal spikes for it to stand in. That would have been fine, but she bought the wrong size, so they had to go back. Then the bought the right ones.

Dad had the job of driving the spikes into the ground, which would have been fine, but when he’d finished the distance between them was not the same as the pieces of wood. Then Mum had a go and used string to hold it all together while she worked out where the last spike and post needed to go.

The end result

The end result is a very wonky, largely three sided compost bin with holes at the bottom, but I have to tell you, my humans are very proud of it and laughed more than I have heard them laugh about anything for a while. Mum has filled the gap at the bottom with old bricks and has already started to move the pile of waste into the weird shaped compost bin. I’m waiting to see if it blows down the next time it’s windy!




  1. The compost bin looks fine to me, Wilma. But maybe you should have got more involved? Always nice to read your stories. xx

    • The problem was they wouldn’t listen to me. If only they’d chewed some of the wood here and there it would have fitted much more easily.

  2. Thank you very much for your birthday wishes, my dear Wilma. As a matter of fact it was very nice playing with this stick with Valeria. We were very dirty and wet when we got home. In the evening hips did hurt more than usual but it was okay, we had fun.
    I hope we will meet soon in Switzerland again, I am looking forward very much.
    I love you,
    your Mama Susi

    • Dearest Mama, I do hope I can be with you soon. I keep asking Mum when she can bring me.
      Your ever loving daughter

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