What a day – Saturday 18th June 2022

What a day

What a day it was yesterday. After all I wrote about the problems of hot weather and how to manage them, we found ourselves having to try a lot of them. Poor Aristotle didn’t cope with the heat at all. He quite scared Mum. He had the cool mat and a cool coat but he was still struggling. Mum was counting down the hours until the weather would break and just hoped he was going to get through it. We do have a cooling fan, but it just wasn’t enough so Mum has send for an air conditioning unit just for Ari. He can have it in whichever room he says he wants to be in so he can stay at a comfortable temperature.

Mum has booked him in for his annual scan too. Given how many things showed up on his scan last year it’s important to see whether they all remain stable.

Shadow’s x-ray

Shadow’s vet trip was very helpful. The best news is that most of the potentially worrying stuff is all fine. The problem seems to come down to some thickening and restriction of her airways caused by age. She has started on a bronchial dilator, which we are hoping will help. Once she’s been on it for a week then Mum has to reduce her diuretics which also have an anti-inflammatory effect and see if she is then ok without them. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be with us for a good while to come.

She spent yesterday under a wet towel and was also glad when it cooled down.

Weekend plan

Mum says as long as it really is much cooler, we can all spend loads of time outside together. She didn’t do any gardening yesterday as she didn’t want us out in the sun. Today she is hoping to make up for that. I’m really looking forward to it.



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