Boredom is catching – Tuesday 19th July 2022

Boredom is catching

Well it turns out that boredom is catching. Mum is bored now too. There is only so long either of us wants to sit in a darkened room. She is only in here because we would not be happy if she went out and left us to it. I’d probably howl and Shadow would probably try to break the door down – neither of which would be considered helpful by the humans. My room, where my crate is, is not as hot as some of the rest of the house, but it’s still too warm for me to be ok in there. On the bright side, we’ve got through another day, so there’s just one to go – this time around anyway.


Mum and I caught up on reading her magazines, but apart from Countryfile, I don’t find there is enough to really interest me. I find the history ones a bit dull if I’m being honest. I would probably have enjoyed reading the gardening magazine but Ari had taken that off to read on his own. He said it was too warm to have me close enough to read over his shoulder.

Going outside

Our daytime trips outside are very regimented and very short. We march out through the kitchen door as that is the shorted route to a patch of shade. Mum then instructs us to go to the toilet and then we march back. The whole process only takes a minute or two, but it’s still long enough to feel the heat. We did all go out after the sun had gone down so there was no direct sunlight. Even then yesterday we didn’t stay out long as it was so warm.

We’ve had our early morning constitutional already today and now we’re ready to hunker down and wait for the temperature to drop. Mum says if it breaks with rain that we will all go out in it – unless it’s thundering in which case we’re staying inside.



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