Life in the chair – Wednesday 21st September 2022

Life in the chair

Oh this is the life in the chair. Mum asked if we should move the chair away from the shade of the tree – and the bird droppings, to another position. She wants to take full advantage of the remaining warm days to spend lots of time outdoors. Obviously that got my vote. Better still she’s brought my laptop outside so that I can sit here to write my diary. Shadow is standing watching me, which is a little disconcerting. She’s not so keen on the great outdoors anymore, which is sad.

About the cat

The cat has become a regular visitor to the garden. Mum is trying to discourage it for all our sakes. It is a very big fluffy blue cat. It’s probably not so big when it’s not being all cute and fluffy. When Mum asked it to leave it went next door under a gap in the fence. Mum has now put a brick where the hole is, in the hope that that puts it off. I’ve had a look and there are other gaps so I’m guessing it will be back.

Marrows are ripening

Mum is coming to the end of the parsnips from the garden. She and Ari haven’t done so well with the parsnips this year, but they knew that quite early and filled in the gaps with more carrots. Anyway, it means that Ari is not frantically trying to get some of the squash to ripen so that they can take the place of the parsnips. He has moved some into the greenhouse and although it’s slow going it does seem to be working. Mum says she will try the first of them later this week when Dad’s home. Mum is picking him up from the airport tonight so she says I can stay up late to see him.



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