More prodding – Saturday 26th August 2023

More prodding

Ari is going to need more prodding in another ten days. Although his anal gland seems to be ok, there is still some sort of unexplained thickening that may have been the root cause of the problem. He is still on painkillers and antibiotics and will go back for one further check before investigations more on to biopsy. He says on the bright side at least he will still be getting some little pieces of ham each day wrapping up his tablets.

Slave for a day

Today Dad is being a slave for a day. From our point of view, this could be quite fun to watch. On the other paw, given he will be feeding us amongst other things I’m just hoping he takes his duties seriously. Dad spending all day at Mum’s beck and call doing jobs is her birthday present this year. He asked her what she wanted and after some thought that is what she asked for. It all starts with Mum being given breakfast in bed and I can’t remember if that has ever happened before. It doesn’t involve exciting things, but sadly all the mundane things around the house that are getting Mum down because she can’t get everything done.

Getting the garden ready

Aristotle is very anxious that Mum and Dad move on to the outdoor things. He’s worried about them getting the garden ready for our building work. He has quite a few plants which need moving and needs help with the digging. He has to clear the vegetable bed of all the broccoli first as that is the only place Mum can think of to plant them on a temporary basis. I think if the weather is good Mum will help him with starting all that on Monday. He’s been very particular about asking for a similar area of garden around the new patio so he can plant them all back afterwards.



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