Half way there – Saturday 15th October 2022

Half way there

We hit half way there on our October target yesterday. That means we’ve got 17 days to do the other half or just carry on and do more. The great thing is that Dad will be home for some of that so I can show him all the lovely places we’ve been going to. Yesterday we went back to Charlecote. Mum said if we went on a weekday that wasn’t in a school holiday I might get the opportunity to go on the big log that was occupied by children when we went the other day.

Charlecote Park

We did a little over a single circuit of the dog walking loop. The paths I can go on are so that I’m not too near to the cows or the dear. No one seems to have explained the arrangement to the deer. A group of deer were grazing by the side of the path I was walking on. I nodded to them, but thought it better not to say anything as one of them had antlers. In total our walk was 1.8 miles and was really very nice.

So here is my picture on the big log. I do think it might be my best ever loggie. I’m doing that thoughtful looking away into the distance thing that makes me look intelligent.

Plan for today

It’s forecast to rain this afternoon apart from which Mum is going to visit granny. I think that means I will be taking her out for a walk this morning. I’m guessing we will have to stick to one of the local walks to cut down on time driving to another location. I just need to persuade Mum that it will do her more good than a lie in would. Ari says he’s voting for the lie in.