Types of people – Wednesday 26th October 2022

Types of people

We meet different types of people if we change the time of day we walk. When we went to the racecourse late in the day on Monday, there were far more men out with their dogs. Mum was impressed about how well trained the dogs were too, but those two points may not be linked. On a Saturday there are far more couples and families taking no notice of a fast walking dog trying to get between their legs to go ahead of them. We also saw a blind jogger and her human guide going around the racecourse. Mum thought that was great, although I was concerned that the human might be putting a dog out of work.

At the woods

Yesterday at the woods we only saw one other person. How sad that everyone else was missing out. It was another sunny afternoon and the peace of the woodland was breath taking. We only did the outer circuit, so just over two miles. Now we have completed 48.5 miles of our target of 50. We just need to decide where we want to be when we hit that milestone – then of course we need to keep on walking.

Dad is on his way

Day will be on his way by the time you read this – unless you got up early, in which case he may still be asleep. He’s driving home so will do the journey over two days. Apart from being excited about seeing Dad, Mum is also looking forward to the fact that it means he is bringing back a suitcase of the clothes she last saw three years ago. At least, she was excited until I innocently asked, “Do you think they’ll still fit?” She wasn’t too pleased with me then, but she was going to find out sooner or later.



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