For sale – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

For sale

Our Mistress has put a little ‘for sale’ sign on various bits and pieces. This is the danger of letting her do any spring cleaning. There’s the buggy she bought for Aristotle that is too big to go in the car. That has just been sitting in the summerhouse for the last six years. Then there is our old crate from her old car. That’s only been out there for six months or so, but if she doesn’t find a buyer it could well make it to the six years mark. Then there are the old bicycles. She’s starting with the one that has a bent suspension fork and is working her way up to the ones that just haven’t been ridden for more years than I’ve been alive. Actually that last point is not exactly true as I do seem to remember her trying one of them on our drive when I was a puppy and me almost knocking her off. Next she’s starting on the box of computer bits that ‘might come in useful’ some of which date back a lot longer than the bikes and in computer terms may now be considered as antiques.

Me trying the trolley when it was new – years ago!

Odd without our Master

Even for the few days he was home we all got used to our Master being around. The house seems very empty now he’s gone. We really need some sort of routine to be re-established but that is not going to happen this week. Our Mistress is taking a week off work. She never takes a week off work! Today we’re going to doggy day care as she is going out. Then she’s going out again on Saturday but oddly that is for work to do some research. I’m going to have a pedicure while I’m in day care on Saturday. I’m not really sure if I’m looking forward to it.

Me and Shadow enjoying the sunshine

How much Chocolate?

How much chocolate can one human eat? For someone who is supposed to be on a diet, our Mistress has been doing a remarkably good job of eating all the chocolate she can find. I am suggesting we all support her in turning over a new leaf. I think it’s girls to be honest. In our house the boys are all relatively slim and the girls… well I know it’s not appropriate to say it, but there isn’t one of them who doesn’t have a pound or two to spare!

Now I’ve said that, I’m going into hiding for the day!

Have a great Tuesday



  1. Glad you are enjoying the sun Alfie. I spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday reading your book Alfie’s Woods. What a lovely read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m now reading the book Alfie’s diary and enjoying that too. Have a lovely day. xxxx

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