Pictures of Shadow – Monday 5th December 2022

Pictures of Shadow

Mum found some pictures of Shadow when I first arrived in the house. Oh they did make us laugh. I love the progression. She was a little put out but ok when I first arrived. She coped stoically when I rooed in her face, but when I took up residence on her settee – then she made her displeasure known. It’s so funny looking back. We became firm friends, but I can see I might have been a bit of a pawful when I arrived as a puppy.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was very different. Shadow was heavily pregnant and waiting to give birth. The vet was on standby over Christmas but fortunately things didn’t start until the 27th. Alfie’s girlfriend, Bella’s human was staying with Mum and Dad that Christmas which was lovely. I wish I could have been part of it too. I wasn’t even a twinkle in my parents’ eyes back then. It meant I couldn’t find any actual Christmas photos for that year, so you will need to make do with puppies and Shadow of course.

Mum tried to take mine and Ari’s pictures with the tree yesterday. It didn’t go very well and she says we can have another go in a day or two. To be fair, Ari was in a really funny mood. He is not adjusting to our new normal. He’s always been a creature of habit and even though he can now have more freedom, he doesn’t really want it. He just wants everything to stay exactly the same. Mum is working on it with him and has put more beds on the office floor so we can curl up in there with her.

Wilma’s Mountain

Dad went for a walk on my mountain yesterday with my sister. It was very grey in the pictures that Valeria sent me and you couldn’t see the view at all. It still looked wonderful to me and I so wished I could be there.



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