Off to the vet – Tuesday 20th August 2019

Off to the vet

Well Shadow headed off to the vet yesterday. Her tummy is playing up again. She’d been sick a couple of times after eating and was feeling very out of sorts. It was when she snapped at Alfie that Mum got the message that she really was feeling ill. We’re hoping it’s just a bit of gastro-enteritis and nothing more serious. She wasn’t allowed to eat for the rest of the day, which she was pretty fed up about. If she’s sick again today then she has to go back and may need some more treatment or tests. She says she really is fed up with her tummy and is as careful as any dog could be. I guess it’s not always that simple.

Shadow at the vet

One of the problems with pancreatitis is that once you’ve had it once you are more liable to get it again. Mum says if she could turn the clock back she’d never have given Shadow puppy food when she was expecting her first litter, but it’s too late for that thought now.

Meeting Prospective owners

One of the important jobs that we dogs have to do, is meet families who are thinking of adding one of us to their number and checking that they know what we’re really like. I had to fly the flag last night. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It usually involves an extra walk somewhere different, total adoration and some extra treats. We’d be daft not to want to do it. Shadow used to enjoy these meetings but as she can’t walk so far she has given up. Years ago, Alfie used to have to do a lot of them as there were so few of us in the country. He’s not keen on meeting new people now so prefers not to. And obviously, Ari can’t because of his legs. I can though and I just love doing them. Anything for an extra bit of attention.

I shall be going to the station tonight to meet Dad, but I already know him so I don’t get quite so many treats, but I will get total adoration. Having said that, I shall be giving some total adoration too.



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  1. Oh tummy upset can I recommend Chicory as its stimulates ‘friendly’ organisms in the gut that are said to ward of certain diseases and have a markedly positive effect on the overall immune system that encourage and support an environment in which healthy bacteria can thrive. By priming the digestive tract in this way, essential nutrients are more readily absorbed and transported to other systems in the body. Got the information from a local Holistic Vet who also recommended trying Robbies Holistic Kidney support for pancreatitis issues in our working cocker

    • Thank you. I’ve told Mum and she is going to buy some for Shadow to see how she gets on.
      Have a great day

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