Planning a trip – Thursday 15th December 2022

Planning a trip

I think Mum is planning a trip for me. I know I’m going to visit family some days over the next week, but that’s more about Mum and Dad’s families. If I heard right, Mum might be planning a trip for me to go to see my own family. Oh how I’ve longer for that. I don’t know much yet except Ari is pretty fed up as he wouldn’t be coming. I do hope I’m right as it really has been far too long since I saw them. It would be the best Christmas present ever if that is what’s happening.

Gardening in the cold

Mum and Dad spent some time gardening in the cold yesterday. Ari kept asking if he could go back inside, but I just ran around every time I felt a bit chilly and then munched another apple. Mum and Dad were cutting up all the garden waste to fill the green bins. Mum does it with secateurs. Dad has to use some piece of machinery. It’s funny how male and female humans differ. I guess if dogs used power tools we’d probably be much the same.

Christmas 2007

Today I’m looking back to Christmas 2007. Alfie was still an only dog in those days. He was two years old and they were all still living in Belgium, his country of birth. I really don’t know what they did for Christmas that year as whatever it was didn’t involve many photos. All I could find were some lovely pictures from Alfie’s Woods where he used to walk at the back of where they lived in Belgium. It looks a little like the lovely woods I walk in. It’s nice to think he had somewhere similar.

I’m hoping to go to my woods today or tomorrow and I’ll think of Alfie while I’m there.




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