Snow – Monday 14th January 2019


I want to play in the snow. I want to make snow dogs by lying in it. More to the point I want to tunnel through it like some of my friends are doing in other countries. Here we have no snow. It’s about ten degrees and miserable most of the time. Meanwhile Dad is getting to know our neighbours much better and is battling to keep everywhere clear of snow. It’s funny how things like this bring people together and that’s a really good thing. I don’t know if it will mean I have to hold out the paw of friendship to Timmy the cat, we’ll have to see. Anyway, we thought we could show you best in pictures. What follows is the snow stages of Mum’s office coffee table.

In the beginning

While we were there, Mum got excited that the coffee table looked quite nice with snow on it so she took a picture.

Then just before we came home a week ago she took another picture.

On Thursday Dad sent us an update on how it looked.

Then yesterday he sent us another – and it’s still snowing.

The important thing is to look at the legs rather than the top, then you really realise how deep it is. This is a normal height table which comes up to the thighs of a normal sized human. Oh the fun I could be having in all of that.

Opi Jack

We want to send special best wishes to Opi Jack’s human today too. Opi Jack was a lovely old Entlebucher in Switzerland who had his sixteenth birthday in December. We were very sad yesterday to hear he has died. Mum gave us all special hugs yesterday and told us how much she loves us. She has enjoyed seeing how he was still out enjoying the snow, even at that grand old age. I’m going to see his human at Crufts in March so I shall give her some special licks when I see her.

Have a great Monday



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  1. Life’s not fair, Wilma, nor is the world

    I know you love snow and would rather have more of it. Well, it’s like with all the other good or bad things: they are not equitably (??) spread all over the world. We have too much snow, you would like more. We have the most loving humans, others are beaten to death. Etc.

    I think there will be some snow left when you come to Switzerland next time. There is soooo much of it now.

    Have a good time back home.

    Regards to all the others

    Mama Susi (and Valeria, whose puppies are growing nicely).

    • Oh Mama I do hope you’re right and there is still some for me to play with. I guess I am a very lucky little dog in other ways.
      Your loving daughter

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