Happy Birthday Ari – Sunday 19th September 2021

Aristotle makes his feelings known

Happy Birthday Ari

Well, happy birthday Ari. Ten today! Obviously not just Ari, there’s Sogi (Annette), Rafa (Alan), Amigo and Dora (Avril). Today we also remember their siblings Aisha, Arnie and Addie who died too young.

Ten is quite an age. That’s seventy in human years. You’d never really guess that from how Ari behaves. He’s still a puppy at heart and Mum just can’t wait to have her big cuddly bear of a dog back home with her. He’s more of a soft toy than a dog. When Mum cuddles him, he just goes saggy and limp with the sheer pleasure of it. If he could be cuddled all day every day he wouldn’t think it was too much.

My eye drops

My eye drops are proving a bit of a battle of wills. Mum has said I can’t have my meals until I have cooperated. Yesterday morning, my breakfast was over an hour late as a result. Mum is under the impression that the threat is going to be enough for me to cave in. How well does she know us? As a breed we are nothing if not strong willed. I am especially strong willed. The battle could go on all week. We’re trying to keep the injuries to a minimum, but if you enter a conflict zone you just know there’s going to be fallout. So far, it’s only Mum who has the bruises to show for it.

Plenty to do

I made the mistake of asking Mum if there were any jobs I could help with. Sadly, it seems there are. She has to cut a roll of window film to the correct sizes. It arrived rolled up so she needs to put some weight on the end to hold it down while she cuts. That weight would be me! Ah well, I did ask.



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  1. Hello Wilma, I know I have already said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ari – on the wrong day!! but please pass on my best wishes again to day if you are in touch. Hope you can all have a belated celebration when you are together again. I am so pleased as Dad took me and Mum to the dog run last week – the first time for a month. When we got up the rain was pouring but only drizzle when we left here. Mum was determined to go so, out came all the wet weather kit. When we arrived the sun was out!! (it is 20 miles drive). As it was wet under foot and paw Mum wore plastic bags over her shoes as she still has a bad foot. Only one week to go until she sees the Doctor so hope he says it is Ok and normal life can return here. She has persuaded Dad to go again this week – I cannot wait. Good Luck with the eye drops and helping your Mum with the jobs. Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • Thank you, yes we’ll tell him. Have fun at the dog park. We really hope you’re mum’s leg is completely back to normal soon. There’ll be no stopping her when it is. Mum has a plan on the eye drops, but she won’t tell me what it is. So far I have to say we are falling out quite a lot about them.
      Love Wilma

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