All about a tree – Saturday 17th February 2024

All about a tree

Today is all about a tree. I like trees as much as the next dog, but I don’t give them a great deal of thought. I check who has been there, leave my own messages and generally have a good sniff. Perhaps it would be fair to say that I make an exception for apple trees. And today is about apple trees. If I’m being strictly accurate it’s about two apple trees. This was all supposed to happen last week, but with Dad sitting in an airport for the day, it was postponed.

This morning is about taking a graft from an old apple tree in an attempt to salvage it for the next generation. It’s not an especially important type of apple, but the tree is at the Framework Knitters Museum in Wigston and that makes it important to Mum.

The other tree

It’s the other tree that I’m really interested in. In our orchard there was a dead stump that I helped Mum remove a couple of weeks ago. Now we have a new apple to plant in its place. It’s an eating apple and a different type to the ones we already have. I can’t wait to compare the taste. The only problem for the planting is that the hole has completely filled with water and I suspect Dad will want it to go down a little before he plants the new tree. In all honesty, you need flippers to go anywhere in our garden at the moment, or at the very least webbed feet.

Mapping the stream

Mum is busily mapping the course of the stream which comes from the spring. It would be so much easier if it went straight. I don’t know what she plans to do with the information when she has it, but she is certainly getting a better picture of where it goes.

I’ll let you know how we get on.



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