Dancing with dogs – Saturday 24th February 2024

Dancing with dogs

Mum asked me if dancing with dogs was of any interest to me. Just to clarify to me this is about dancing with humans, or in particular Mum. I don’t actually get to do the Charleston with another dog for example. Anyway, I shrugged and said we could give it a go. That resulted in a round of Kitchen Karaoke with additional dance moves. It was going quite well until I became rather over excited and wouldn’t stop barking. We were listening to Rock Around the Clock and actually it was a lot of fun.

Mum worked her way along the kitchen and then stood with her legs as an arch. I went through and turned to face her and moved towards her as she backed away. Then she turned around and when I went between her legs again she told me we would both go backwards the other way – so we did.


When Dad came down for lunch we showed him what we’d been working on and he was quite impressed. Now we just need him to do some filming so I can show you. I’ve been joining in with Mum’s strength training exercises too and it seems to cause Mum quite a lot of laughter. Mum says I can’t get Dad to film that as she’s too embarrassed for you to see it, but I think she might allow me to show you my dancing.

I’ve asked if we can watch some proper dancing with dogs so that I can learn some more moves. We could put a whole routine together at this rate.

Greenhouse repairs

Mum has asked if I can help her make a start on the greenhouse repairs if it stays dry today. It’s an easy start as we’re going to wash the glass first and make a list of all the repairs which need doing. I don’t know what happens if we conclude the wood is too rotten. I think that might be a bit of a problem.



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