Visiting Kennels – Monday 11th March 2024

Visiting kennels

Today Mum is visiting kennels that I might stay in occasionally. I’m not going with her, at least not this time. Mum is very very fussy about where I get to stay. We used to have the very best kennels in the whole world to be able to stay in. That was Derrings and it was just outside the village where we used to live. Any dog would be happy to stay there. The people were lovely and looked after us as well as we would be at home. Since we’ve moved there have even been times that Mum has made the drive all the way back to North Yorkshire just so we could stay there. That was more for Ari’s benefit than mine. I don’t stay in kennels very often as I travel with Mum when I can.

Friends’ Recommendation

We have been using one that was not quite so far away where my friends Salvo and Izzy stay occasionally. It still takes over an hour to get to though and Mum says if she’s driving that far she’d rather go all the way back to Derrings. Now it’s just me, stays are usually shorter than they sometimes were for Aristotle. Occasionally I need to be looked after just for the day or overnight, so that I don’t have to tag along if I don’t want to.

When Mum has looked at kennels so far they just haven’t seemed as good as our old one, so she has never been really happy.

Getting used to kennels

The one Mum is visiting today is less than half an hour away. She talked to the lady on the phone and was pleased that she seemed to see things much as we do. Mum thinks it’s important for me to have a short day trial and an overnight stop before staying any longer. That way, I know Mum will be coming back and if for any reason I really don’t like it, I can tell her why before having to stay for long.

Some people think their dogs couldn’t possibly stay in a kennels and wouldn’t cope. However it is important to have plans for emergency care, just in case of something going wrong. Getting us used to and happy to stay somewhere that we will be safe and content is much better than being left with a crisis to deal with. I really hope Mum thinks this one is good. If she does I shall see what I think next.



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