The ducks are back – Wednesday 13th March 2024

The ducks are back

The ducks are back and I’m so excited. It was yesterday morning when Jemima Puddleduck and Frances Drake were swimming around on the pond when I went out first thing. We have really missed them. Sadly, they flew off when they saw me, but hopefully they’ll be back. When I looked to see when I told you about them last year it was the 10th March and they’d already been here for a few days. I don’t know why they are late arriving this year, but we are very pleased to welcome them ‘home’. Mum has already gone to find the duck food and put some out for them. I’ve offered to eat if they don’t, but I’d have to swim out to the middle of the pond to get it.

Why stop there?

To be honest they don’t need to confine themselves to swimming around the pond. We’ve had so much rain again that they could swim round some of the flower borders or even down the border at the back from the orchard to the rose garden. All the water is holding up some of our building work again and that really isn’t good. On the bright side, the ducks could have a swim in what will be the foundations of the patio as that’s a bit like a moat at the moment.

Mind the hole

 Having said there is a moat at the back of the house, I also have to walk the plank over a hole at the front too. Mum has promised that will only be for a couple of days, but it really is getting quite hazardous just to get up in a morning. I’m not sure if someone is trying to trap us and if so I think Mum ought to take a little more care – she weighs more than me!