Totally broken – Sunday 17th March 2024

Totally broken

By the end of the walk yesterday Dad and I were totally broken. Dad was so broken that he had to sit with his feet up watching three rugby matches for the rest of the day. I’m not sure Mum was completely convinced by his arguments, but they seemed ok to me. Mum had the good sense to take my knee brace with us on the walk. She doesn’t like me wearing it all the time as she wants me to keep my muscles strong and not rely on the support. After we’d walked 4.5 kilometres from the start I was limping and trying to put on a brave face. Dad said we should turn around, rather than do the last half kilometre to get to Keswick. The path was getting quite busy with people and dogs, so Mum didn’t mind doing that.

Knee brace

We stopped to put my knee brace on. Mum has got pretty good at doing it now, so I don’t complain and wriggle about. Then we started on the way back. Quite honestly, nine kilometres was enough for a walk without any real stop to it. We did have a short sit down as Dad wanted a rest, but Mum was all for carrying on, mainly as she needed the loo! Some things are so much easier being a dog.

Paws up

We spent the afternoon with our paws up, which was just as enjoyable as the walk had been. Mum and I sat quietly together and left Dad to shout at the television on his own.

Now we need to decide where to go today. Dad is all for a more difficult walk, but quite honestly I don’t think that is such a good idea. I am willing to give it a go, but I think Mum might put her foot down on my behalf.



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