Doing my exercises – Friday 19th April 2024

Doing my exercises

I’ve been doing my exercises three times a day, every day, like a good girl. Mum wants to find some similar sized wood blocks to prop up the platform we are using for me to stand my front legs on, to make it a little higher. We did find four books of the same size, but got into trouble with Dad as he didn’t want those ones used. I really can’t think why. Anyway, Mum is going to ask the builder to cut four blocks for me instead.

My neck

I really can turn my neck much further to the left than the right. It hadn’t dawned on me until the physio went through my range of movement. I’m often tempted to move more of my body to follow the direction of the treat Mum is holding. Now we are on the same page about what I need to do, I’m also getting the hang of Mum counting out half a minute for each exercise. It would be easier to use a timer, but she can’t do that and hold the treat as well. Her other hand gently holds the loop on my harness so I know not to wander off when I get bored.

More laser treatment

Today will be my third session of laser treatment. Mum has said we will stay in the car until the very last moment. The problem with that is that the lady was running late the other day, so the plan didn’t work. We also had big problem parking so we need to leave enough time to find a space. We must have driven around the car park three or four times before we found someone coming out.

Actually, Mum and I will be glad to be out for a little while as today is boiler replacement day at home. I think it may all be a little busier than I appreciate. We’re going to leave Dad in charge for a couple of hours.



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