Too many beeps – Friday 21st June 2024

Too many beeps

Yesterday was a day with too many beeps. Twice the electricity went off because of things the builders did. That led to our house alarm beeping until it was reset. That wasn’t so bad in the afternoon as Mum knows I don’t like the noise and went to sort it out immediately. Unfortunately, she was out in the morning and it was beeping for ages. I put my paws over my ears, but it’s one of those noises that just goes through everything. I was so glad when Mum came home and was able to reset the alarm so the noise stopped. Now I just have to hope that it doesn’t keep happening.

Weather forecast

The weather forecast looks good for tomorrow. Mum is being optimistic and going round washing down all the garden furniture so people can sit outside comfortably. She’s going to put the bunting up around the bar too. The builders are going to help her move the garden furniture back onto the patio, even though it isn’t completely finished. It can be moved out of the way again on Monday so they can finish off. I hope my friends don’t mind too much that there are still some piles of bricks and slabs around, as they are all still needed.

Four strips of Velcro

There are just four more strips of Velcro to go onto my new bed and it will be complete. Then Mum will take a picture of me on it so I can show you the whole thing. She says she’ll definitely finish it today, so I’m quite excited. Mum has promised to put it out of the way so that none of my friends sit on it when they’re here on Saturday. I really want chance to enjoy it myself before having to share it with anyone other than Mum.



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