Fun without me – Sunday 23rd June 2024

Fun without me

My friends and family had a great day of fun without me. I’m taking it as stoically as possible, which is helped by them leaving me some slices of the special dog birthday cake we had for the Club. On the bright side I also benefitted from the spare leftover dog treats from the games, so I suppose I can’t complain.

The afternoon

The afternoon fun day was very hot, so they all had to alternate the games with sitting in the shade. They played all my favourites including the ball and spoon race, the biscuit race and biscuit catch. Mum said if they were measuring properly then she thinks a new record was set for biscuit catch. She thinks they would even have beaten Alfie in his heyday and that’s saying something.

My friends having fun without me

Back at our house – more fun without me

Then they all came here for a buffet. I’ve been going round sniffing where they’d all been. Only Ted went in the pond, but I don’t think he went right in. I would have loved to be around to show them my garden, but I did understand why I couldn’t be. My nephew Ralph came and really enjoyed himself. My brother Salvo had had an operation this week, so had to be on lead, but at least he was allowed to see everyone. Penny, the puppy Mum went to meet in Belgium before she moved to the UK was here, that was really nice. She’s growing up into a beautiful girl. She only lives about 20 minutes from us so we’re going to meet for a walk when I’m fit again.

Recovery day

Today will be a recovery day and I can spend most of it with Mum. She says as long as I’m good then I won’t have to be in my crate for most of the day, which will make a lovely change.



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