Mum is worried – Monday 24th June 2024

Mum is worried

Mum is worried about me. You might say that’s normal and to be fair it is, but she has got a reason. I’ve been chewing my knee again. That’s something I was doing when my back was hurting. She asked me if my back was hurting now and I really didn’t know. It may just have become a habit. I’m walking more easily and not complaining, but we don’t unless it hurts really badly. I don’t know now if my back was niggling or I have so much got into the habit of chewing my knee that I did it because I was bored. Mum says she’s glad there are only another couple of days until I see our vet, Emily. I know her pretty well. If I ask nicely she will give me a thorough examination as well as taking my stitches out.

My dressing is coming off of its own accord. At least I don’t think there will be as much of a problem of it pulling on my fur as I’d feared.

Lying in the sun

I sent some of yesterday stretched out lying in the sun. It was getting too hot after a while, but it just feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that. Just for a brief time life has felt more like normal and it was easy to forget that the builders haven’t actually finished. Today however is back to normal. Mum and I will be in the office instead of the garden room and there won’t be so much chance to put our paws up.

Dad so likes the colour of my new bed that Mum now has to make new covers to several other things to match. The hardest will be recovering the music stool, but she’s reupholstered chairs before so I think she’ll be all right. She’s moved her keyboard into the garden room so that it’s out of the office and she hopes to start playing it again. She isn’t very good, but she does enjoy it.



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