My special chair – Saturday 6th July 2024

My special chair

I’ve been sitting in my special chair with Mum. It’s working really well, both of us being able to sit comfortably at floor level. Ok, so to be fair, Mum does have some difficulty getting up when she’s sat down there with me, but I keep telling her it will do her good. I’m not entirely sure that’s right, but I thought it would encourage her to do it more often. Mum is getting cross with me when I get overexcited, but I can’t always help myself. I know keeping me calm now will pay dividends later but that doesn’t make it any easier.


I was limping a little when Mum took me out for my walk yesterday. Mum was really concerned and said we’d only go as far as I could manage. To be honest, I was fine, I just needed to loosen up a bit. Mind you, I didn’t make myself popular when I kept wanting to stray into the long grass to see if there was anything interesting about. Mum very patiently explained that the last thing we needed right now was for me to get any grass seeds stuck about my person. I know she has a point, but I could have sworn I smelled fox and that’s not something a girl can ignore.

My cousin Flossie

Today my cousin Flossie is coming to visit. It’s so annoying not being able to play with her. Not that she really plays with me much anyway. We get on fine but that’s because she largely ignores me. I shall once again stay out of the way and just have to miss out. I know it’s not forever, but it is starting to feel that way. On the bright side, Mum will spoil me to help make up for me missing out, so it won’t be all bad.



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