Indignities – Saturday 19th January 2019


Oh the indignities know no bounds. If it’s not bad enough that I’m not having cream applied to my bottom with a long cotton bud, I get our Mistress questioning exactly what I’ve been eating. Ok, so I managed to poo five large poos in one day. You’d hold it in if your bottom was as sore as mine. Actually, if I’m being honest, it wasn’t the quantity she queried it was more what I’d been eating to make it alternately green and black. I’ve been found out. My secret is out. I’ve been raiding the compost bin when I’ve been saying I need to go outside. ‘Apparently’ that’s not good for me and I’m not supposed to do it. I’m now under very close supervision and my free time in the garden has been curtailed. Humans can be so mean.

Snow – drops

Well here we are with snowdrops coming out in the garden and having to fight with whether some snow is finally going to be falling out of the sky. We’re all waiting for England to come to a grinding halt thanks to a few millimetres of snow. Meanwhile in Switzerland our Master is going to collect his new snowblower today to try to clear away the several inches of snow that seem to fall on our house there every night. How do the buses, trains and planes in Switzerland run on time whatever the weather, whereas here you only have to blink to find they have been delayed? Somehow I suspect it’s one of the many areas where my country of birth could learn a lot from Wilma’s country of birth and if she goes round looking smug then I will not be impressed.

Duvet day

I’m voting for a duvet day today. To be fair, I always vote for a duvet day, but most of the time I’m thwarted. Maybe just this once I could have my own way.

Have a great Saturday


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