GotMe Day – Tuesday 22nd January 2019

GotMe Day

Today is my GotMe Day. You may have seen humans celebrating Gotcha days being the day their pet moved in with them. Well as I’m doing the celebrating, it’s more of a GotMe Day. I’m fully expecting to be showered with gifts. Although, to be fair I’ve been fully expecting to be showered with gifts for the last twelve GotMe Days and it hasn’t happened yet! From our point of view, GotMe Day is looked at with mixed feelings. Oh, please don’t misunderstand, I love my Mistress dearly and have had a wonderful thirteen years with her. However, I had a very good start in life too and I can’t help but look back and think fondly of my Mum and my birth humans. One of my biggest regrets about having to give up travelling is that I can’t go to see them anymore.

Young Pup

Me and My Mum

Now looking back it seems hard to think I was ever a ten week old pup who knew so little of how the world worked. Our Mistress says I was a very easy pup to look after and hardly put a paw wrong. While that’s a nice thought, I’ll leave her to see the world through rose tinted spectacles and won’t remind her of any of my little misdemeanours. I’m not so deluded to think I was perfect, but I’m very happy that my Mistress thinks I was.

How to celebrate?

My celebration is mostly going to involve going swimming. It’s nice as I get some quality time with our Mistress as well as getting out to somewhere I feel safe and happy. I’ll also get some exercise which is good for me and the benefit of a post exercise chemical rush! When you’re thirteen, you have to enjoy anything like that which gives you a lift.

Have a lovely Tuesday


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