Look what I did – Saturday 23rd March 2019

Look what I did

Well look what I did! I helped build our Mistress’s new arbour. When I say ‘helped’ I sat on pieces to make it hard for them to pick them up, got in the way and ran off with a piece of wood they were using as a support. Oh you’d have laughed if you’d have watched the humans. The instructions weren’t very good so the whole process took a lot longer than had been expected. There were parts which had to be undone and put together again too, but I won’t say too much about that.

End Result

We’re all quite happy with the end result. Our Mistress is happy to sit there sheltered from the wind and rain while we run around. She says she’d like to be sheltered from the sun, but that seems to have disappeared again. Shadow has asked if she can have a blanket underneath so she can be comfortable without having to jump up. Wilma says she is hoping that our Mistress gets some cushions so she can sit on it without falling through the gaps. I can get up on the seat too, but there isn’t room for all of us at the same time.

Road to Recovery

Our Mistress at last seems to be on the road to recovery. She’s getting very tired when she does too much, but says being outside is the best thing at the moment and none of us are going to argue with that one. We each had walks yesterday. I didn’t want to go far. Shadow is very pleased as her leg has improved quite a lot and she seems to be building up a little stamina again. Wilma’s happy as she did a full tour of the airfield. Alfie didn’t go anywhere, but that’s for the best.

Sad news

Alfie heard yesterday that one of his half-brother’s had died this week. Frankie vom Wegbach looked very like Alfie. They both took after their father. Frankie was three months younger than Alfie so it made him think too. Alfie is now the oldest that an Entlebucher has ever been in the UK. He’s rather proud of that. It’s mainly because there have been so few of us here, but he’s still a good age for our breed.

Have a great Saturday. I’m off to sit on the seat



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