Friday Flashback – Friday 12th April 2019

Friday Flashback

It’s Friday Flashback once again. I’m hoping looking back with cheer me up. I was supposed to be arriving in my beloved Switzerland today but Mum had to cancel the trip so we’re at home. It’s good for the others that we’re here, but I’d rather be there.

First of all this is from when Alfie was a puppy

I want a carry

My normal schedule seems to be utterly disrupted this week. I am used to having one nice long walk each day and a good chance to sleep afterwards. At the age of nearly five months old I am quite content to walk three or four kilometres after lunch. Unfortunately one of my companions for the week hasn’t achieved such levels of accomplishment and despite being four whole years old can’t walk nearly so far. This means I have to pace myself and have a number of small walks instead, it really disrupts my napping pattern. More to the point I am really annoyed that I didn’t think of the ‘I want a carry’ line when I was tired rather than faithfully plod on next to my mistress. It would have saved so much effort. It is a bit late now that my mistress knows I can walk that far and besides which I have got too heavy for her to carry. There are times it seems I still have so much to learn. Clearly my lesson today is that if you are too helpful then people take advantage of your good nature. So there goes my offering to cook dinner tonight.

Then looking at 2009 when Shadow was very young, clearly Alfie was not entirely happy with his new companion.

Driving me nuts

A very happy Easter to you all from me and my Shadow. That’s about as united as the message is going to get. To be quite honest she is driving me nuts. As it turns there will be no Easter bunnies. We seem to have negotiated that the rabbits will arrive within the next three weeks, which gives my Mistress a fighting chance of getting on top of things with our little tyrant, Shadow. It isn’t that she has destroyed anything that’s very important unless you include my toys. I’ve managed to keep my ball in one piece for three years. Now it is in more pieces than even I can count. I’m not a possessive dog but there are limits. I’ve retrieved my favourite reindeer toy and taken it to another part of the house.

Back to now

The move round in the kitchen is complete. Alfie’s not moving downstairs just yet we hope, but he didn’t do so well yesterday so it may have to be soon. Mum thinks some of it is in his head and that his brain is forgetting to tell his back end to move, as the next minute he can be fine. I don’t know how you change that.

Have a good Friday


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