Oh what a weekend – Monday 22nd April 2019

Oh what a weekend

Oh what a weekend it’s been. We’ve all had a lovely time seeing Dad. I know Ari was fed up that we didn’t get to go out for breakfast yesterday but we’ve had so many cuddles and so much time outdoors that I don’t think any of us could complain. Alfie has had a bad couple of days with his dementia. He’s barked pretty much the whole time, which is very annoying. More to the point, what’s annoying is when we get told off for joining in. He did manage to be calm for a short time sitting with Mum and Dad and me, but if any of us moved he got really stressed about it. That wouldn’t be so bad if I was any good at sitting still, but basically I’m not. I think the real problem is that he desperately needs routine and on a holiday weekend, things end up being different. When it’s just Mum and us she can keep things on schedule for him.

Lie ins

I’ve had some nice lie ins with Dad. He does spoil me when he’s here. I just love getting into bed with him and being cuddled. It’s usually when Mum goes upstairs for a shower and I go too, but then sneak into bed when she’s not looking. It’s great. I think I might be a bit spoiled, but I’m not complaining. Shadow gets fed up as she says she’d really like to be there. Not as well as me, she wants Dad all to herself. Thankfully Mum leaves her downstairs so she doesn’t get the chance.

Back to normal

Now life has to go back to a sort of normal. Dad will fly back to Switzerland today and Mum will restore some level of discipline in the house. She’s such a killjoy. Tomorrow isn’t going to be very normal as we’re all going to doggy day care so that she can go to meet a friend she hasn’t seen for ages. It’s their old neighbour from when they lived in Belgium. Alfie’s fed up that he can’t go, but he wouldn’t cope with a day out.

Anyway, I’m off for one last lie in with Dad before he goes.

Have a lovely day


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