And repeat – Sunday 21st April 2019

And repeat

Sunny day kicking our paws, and repeat. Oh this is the life. I did help our Mistress clean the summer house ready for her to work in there. That meant trying to get all the spiders to move out so she doesn’t freak out. There’s all sorts of things stored from when Shadow had me and all my brothers and sisters. There’s our whelping box and puppy pen and the multiple puppy feeding bowl. I kept coming across things and saying ‘look what I’ve found’. I don’t think it was entirely helpful. Mind you, that upset her less than when the spiders jumped out from the things I picked up.

The washing and the bees

Ok, so there were no birds involved, just a sock with flowers on and a very big bee. When our Mistress went to bring the washing in, she took half a dozen things off the line and realised there was a very loud buzz coming from them. She dropped them all on the ground, which frankly didn’t improve the appearance of her white shirt, and the bee eventually wriggled out of a sock with a flower pattern on it. I guess it got confused. It must have been very disappointed to find no pollen in there.

And relax

Today’s plan

Once the humans get back from going out for breakfast, which I regret to day did not include us, I’ve asked if we can do the same as yesterday and the day before and spend all our time outdoors in the sunshine. Our Mistress says that as long as I agree to go for a little walk as well then she’ll agree. I’m definitely up for the walk. Alfie’s spent the last two and a half days barking for no good reason and we’re all fed up with it… even Alfie!

Have a great Easter Sunday

Love Ari


  1. Hi, I would like to wish all Entlebuchers and their owners everywhere a very HAPPY EASTER !!!!! Lots of love and woofs Dickens X

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