Snow in May! – Monday 6th May 2019

Snow in May!

Dad’s got snow in May! I am so jealous. Why aren’t I there? Mama and Valeria have snow too and I’d like to be playing with them in it. To be honest I’d really like a playmate. The rest of the pack here can’t romp in the way I want to and simply won’t play ‘chase me’. I met two of my friends while out walking yesterday and they’ve gone all sensible. Well, Digby is my friend but I don’t think Stella has a clue what to make of me to be honest. Mum was laughing that our breed tend to be eternal puppies and that by my age most dogs have grown up at least a little bit. That is just so boring. What is wrong with spending your whole life wanting to play?

I got all excited when Mum said that they are going to see my paternal grandparents next weekend. That usually means I get to see one of my friends who lives near them. Then Mum told me I’m not going! Me! She’s not including me! Oh I’m mortified. What is the world coming to when she leaves me out?


Now to be fair, she did then say she was thinking of having a weekend away just the two of us and did I have any ideas where I would like to go? Apparently my suggestion of Switzerland was not a helpful one as we can’t get there and back in a weekend. Nor it seems can we get all the way down to Devon and back, so I’ve got to do some thinking. I don’t want to go to a city, that much I do know. We’re not likely to argue over that because Mum doesn’t like cities either. Now the choice is seaside, lakes, mountains or forest or some combination of those and I just can’t decide. I think we need a hotel with spa facilities for a dog and human to be pampered side by side. If you’ve got any suggestions then let me know.

Have a great day

Love Wilma

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  1. The Northumberland coast is beautiful and not too far away from you. Fabulous beaches to walk on, too. Don’t know any spas I’m afraid as I stay with my aunty and her mad labradoodle, Lola. They live bear Berwick.
    Love Betsy x

    • Oh that does sound lovely Betsy. I got Mum to have a look earlier. She said we could perhaps go to Alnwick Castle too, but it turns out they’re dogist and I can’t go there. I’ll see what beaches I fancy instead.
      Love Wilma

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