It Wasn’t Me – Saturday 18th May 2019

It wasn’t me

I’d just like to say ‘it wasn’t me’. I did not cause the very large purple and black bruise on our Mistress’s foot. It does look rather as though something or someone very heavy might have landed on her, but it wasn’t me. To be fair, to our Mistress’s recollection it wasn’t any of us and she has no idea where it’s come from. I’m now concerned that our Mistress might be suffering from memory loss rather than bruising. I’m guessing it probably was one of us, but she’s so used to be accidentally injured that she has stopped paying any attention. She can recollect getting the very bad bruises on the top of her leg though – they were Wilma after she had to stay in kennels last weekend. It wasn’t that Wilma wanted revenge, it was just that she’d missed our Mistress so much that she rather threw herself at our Mistress when she picked her up – literally!

Interrupted Walk

Wilma is protesting. She has asked that in future all her walks involve going away from the village. It’s so funny. There is nothing Shadow likes more than walking around the village itself. She leaves messages for friends and enemies and is quite happy to meet people. If she doesn’t feel like stopping she just barks at them and makes it impossible for our Mistress to talk to them. Wilma is suffering from too much politeness. She doesn’t bark when she meets people and as our Mistress knows most people in the village she finds herself having to stop while humans are talking. Her walk yesterday was interrupted so many times that she has now asked to leave the village to walk. She says she likes it best when they don’t see anyone our Mistress knows as then the walk can be all about her. That might be ever so slightly selfish on her part, but I guess every dog has her limits.

Have a lovely Saturday


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