Vote – on my behalf, vote – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Vote – on my behalf, vote

Vote – on my behalf, please. As an unenfranchised dog, it is very hard when there is something you care about, but no one is listening. Many humans seems to think today’s votes are not important in the UK. There are people saying ‘We’re leaving the EU anyway, so there is no point’. Well that’s not true. There is every point. For one thing, given we haven’t left yet, there is still time for the crazy humans in this country to change their minds and stay. On behalf of animals everywhere and travelling dogs in particular, please help to reverse what is going on. The British Government is barking up the wrong lamppost when it says that animals are not sentient beings. How dare they deny most animals what few rights we have?

Then there are the whole Pet Passport rules which we are going to lose if we leave the EU. Please, travelling is hard enough without all the extra barriers being put in our way. Freedom of movement for us dogs is very important.

Then there’s your food and your rights

Why would any human leave the EU when it is almost certain to mean less acceptable farming methods, food storage and chemical use? No sane animal would swap the safeguards we’ve now got for both food and the environment and risk having to accept what the US deems acceptable. Remember, we are but a small island, on our own we will have very little negotiating power. We will be walked all over, and no dog likes that.

Being in the EU protects rights of humans at work and many of their human rights. Why would you give that up? As a dog who would like to see more rights for canines, I cannot begin to imagine why humans are voluntarily sleepwalking into a situation where they are going to forfeit hard won rights.

Ok, dismiss me as only a dog, but please use your vote today to back a party that will aim to reverse the stupidity and keep the UK as part of the European Union. It’s not difficult. Just get out and do it. For dogs everywhere, please.


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