Friday Flashback – Friday 24th May 2019

Friday Flashback

Well here we are again with Friday Flashback.

I just love seeing posts that surprise me from when Alfie was young. I just don’t imagine him being like this when I see him now. Mum said it is all too easy to underestimate older people and dogs, forgetting they have lived life for all those years until they got to where they are now. Anyway, this was Alfie in 2007 when he was a teenager.

Playing Frisbee

We spent some time out in the garden playing frisby and catching a ball. I must say my master and mistress aren’t too bad but they are not as good at tackling as I am. They tried saying that tackling wasn’t something that came into a ‘friendly’ game like that in the garden but knowing how competitive they are I just asked if they were going soft. If my mistress didn’t catch the frisby I could guarantee, with her bad back, that I could do a flying run through and take it from the ground before she could bend down to pick it up. If there was a risk she would get there first I would just bowl myself straight into her legs. At one point my master said I should have been given a yellow card but as I would have run off with it there didn’t seem much point.

My mistress did say that 28kg of dog hurtling at your legs isn’t good, but I told her not to complain so much. The other thing I tried but failed on, was leaping into the air and trying to take the ball out of her hand. I got a mouth full of knuckles and biting into them wasn’t appreciated. For some reason my master told me that intimidation was not an appropriate sports tactic but he has clearly been watching different sport from me. What I didn’t have any opportunity to demonstrate was my ‘dive’, followed by rolling round on the floor pretending to be hurt, but maybe I will save that for another day.

Shadow on the other paw had slightly different tendencies when she was a puppy. This is from her antics back in 2009. She wasn’t even four months old then. She really did start digging at a young age.


Not content with digging up the weeds that are actually in our garden, Shadow is now digging tunnels under the fence specifically so that she can get to the ones on the other side. I’m thinking of changing her name to Houdini for how good she is at finding escape routes. At the moment my Mistress keeps having to put stones to fill the holes as quickly as Shadow can dig them. How do you go about repairing holes that have been dug by a dog? For a start if there is any fresh soil put into fill the hole, she’d have that out in no time at all. I think my Mistress is planning to try when we go to kennels next but I’m not sure that that would give it enough time to get established before little digger paws is back and shovelling. It might help if it stopped raining so that the ground wasn’t so soft and muddy.

Well that’s all from me for today. I thought I’d show you the picture of me going to vote yesterday too.

Me voting yesterday

Have a great Friday. We may be off to the beach but I hurt my paw yesterday so Mum is waiting to check how it is first.



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