Training – Wednesday 12th June 2019


Wilma’s training is hit and miss to put it mildly. Oh she sort of gets it, but she seems to find the idea of going to sit on a bed, other than at night time, a bit too boring. She will go to her own bed when instructed at night, but when our Mistress tells her that’s what is required during the day there is a certain amount of answering back before she obliges. I’ve suggested that maybe our Mistress should try a different word than ‘bed’ that way Wilma won’t think it’s the end of the day and argue about going to bed early. You know what kids are like!

Lots of things to learn

Anyway, yesterday we had a note from Ruby and Betsy asking us to take a look at the training videos they have on line. Wow, there are so many ideas here for you humans of things you can train us to do. Wilma has already started on one of them which is to be in the right position for our Mistress to take a selfie with her. Now to be fair, we are generally fairly obliging where photos are concerned but this trains her to look over our Mistress’s shoulder. That particular video is HERE. They post videos every day that you can learn from. So here’s our challenge. Can all our dog readers learn one of the tricks and then send us a little video of them doing it? We’d love to show off your skills to all our friends. Take a look at all Ruby and Betsy have to offer and see what you fancy trying.


The physio was really pleased with me when she saw me yesterday. That made me happy as I rather like her. Anyway, the downside was that she has now given me more difficult exercises to do to see if we can strengthen my back legs some more. I’m going to be as fit as Wilma before she knows it. I’m already strong enough to jump up and join our Mistress on the cuddler chair. Actually, Wilma and I did have a bit of an argument about me wanting to share it, but she gave in graciously in the end.

Me and Wilma sharing the chair with our Mistress

Have a lovely Wednesday


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