Thinking of Bella – Thursday 20th June 2019

Thinking of Bella

Today I’m thinking of Bella, my girlfriend. She has to go into hospital for eye surgery and will be feeling very apprehensive. I sent her a dozen red roses to let her know I’m thinking of her and will be anxiously waiting for news of how she’s doing. If everything goes well, the operation will restore her sight, which would be great news. I’d like think she could see the flowers I’ve sent as well as smell them.

All about health

Everything seems to be all about health at the moment. Shadow wasn’t feeling so bright yesterday so our Mistress is keeping a very close eye on her. She perked up a little when our Mistress offered her the dry sensitive diet food instead of the tinned variety. For some reason she says she just doesn’t enjoy food when it doesn’t have a crunch to it. We’re hoping that today with her eating a little better that she will start to improve.

Better weather

Wilma and Ari were celebrating the better weather yesterday by having lovely walks. Ari didn’t want to go far, but he did enjoy what he did without being rained on. Wilma says that everywhere is just perfect at the moment. On the one paw it’s a nice bright day and on the other paw there are huge muddy puddles to splash in. You can imagine what our Mistress had to say about that.

I even made the most of the sunshine by spending a bit more time outside enjoying the garden. I absolutely hate it when it rains. There is just nothing better for this old dog than the feeling of sunshine on my fur and the scent of lots of different flowers in the air. As far as I can see, that’s exactly what my retirement should be about… that and eating. Let’s not underestimate eating!

Alfie enjoying the garden

Have a great Thursday