#BuyFoodGiveFood – Thursday 27th June 2019


We are promoting a great initiative under the hashtag #BuyFoodGiveFood today. It’s all about helping to feed all those dogs less fortunate than ourselves and who find themselves in shelters across the country. You never know the reasons that a fellow dog might be down on his luck and in need of care. It can happen because his human has had to move to accommodation where pets are not allowed, or if a human dies. Anyway, it is not for us to question why they are there, but it is for us to reach out a paw to help them.

The lovely people at Paws, a London based pet company, are trying to both raise awareness and provide healthy meals for 250,000 shelter dogs! That is a lot of meals and they can’t do it on their own.

Chowdown Challenge

This is the idea of they have come up with. Humans did something called an ice bucket challenge, but since when have dogs been that stupid? Our challenge is a much better one. All you need to do is get someone to take a picture of you eating and then share it on social media with the hashtag #BuyFoodGiveFood and @paws and tag three of your four legged friends to do the same. How cool is that? If you’ll pardon the pun. Humans get soaked in freezing cold water and we get to eat!

Slow Eaters

Anyway, Shadow and I decided to get the ball rolling and got our Mistress to take short videos of us eating our tea last night. We’re going to be posting these on social media separately and tagging some of our friends, so don’t be surprised if we include you. Why don’t you get involved even if you haven’t been tagged? Let’s see just how many dogs we can help to feed