Otters – Sunday 30th June 2019


Our Mistress is going to see if the otters are on the river today. She got very excited the last time she was in Bedford because there were otters. Now she wants to go to see them again. Her level of excitement comes a bit too close to being unfaithful to us as far as I can see. Not as bad as how she is with alpacas, but pretty bad. I really can see her ending up with an animal sanctuary of some sort. I suppose I don’t mind too much as I could help. I’m absolutely no threat to small animals. Sadly I don’t think the girls see things in quite the same light. I have never tried to pull our Mistress over when out for a walk, because I see some wildlife. That is not true of either of the girls. To be fair even Alfie had his moments where rabbits or small dogs were concerned. Maybe I’m just too much of a softy. I’ve never really done the macho image thing.


Now people are a different matter. I’ve growled at more people than the others have. Mind you, the only times I’ve done it our Mistress said that if she had been a dog she’d probably have growled at them too. I said ‘Why let not being a dog stop you? I’ve seen you growl at people! She didn’t take that awfully well, but I really did have a valid point. I guess we all have our limits.

Next Weekend

Wilma and Shadow are already getting excited about next weekend. They are going to be learning to play Treibball at our fun day on Saturday. Sadly, Alfie and I won’t have the opportunity, which is a shame, but I still hope the girls enjoy it and take lots of photos for us all.

Have a great Sunday


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